Zista Group has been involved in supplying Iranian bitumen since 2010. Through many experiences and establishing a network of clients and end-users, it made possible for Zista Group to establish own manufacturing facility for Penetration Bitumen in 2018.

We take pride in producing 100% Pure Slurry (full VB consumption) Iranian Bitumen for export markets and we stand by our quality not just by third party inspection, but also through accepting any quality claims raised by buyers after delivery.

Our work is not done after FOB/CFR/CPT Delivery and we take responsibility for our clients to prosper and benefit in choosing Zista Group as their Bitumen Supplier. We believe long term business can only be accomplished through steady supply and Win-Win games.

Based on above strategy and history, our supply and production has reached variety of markets:

Asia including China, Taiwan, Yemen and Bangladesh

Africa including Kenya and Senegal